Blood donation in Egestorf takes place in compliance with the hygiene rules


In compliance with the distance and hygiene rules, a blood donation appointment will take place on Friday, April 9th, between 3:30 pm and 7:30 pm in the Fritz-Ahrberg-Halle at Nienstedter Straße 15. At the moment blood donations are very urgently needed. We therefore urgently need your support right now. However, anyone who has flu or cold symptoms should refrain from donating or, in case of doubt, would not be admitted. Anyone who has had contact with people who are infected with the corona virus is also not allowed to donate. Please also think of your mouth and nose protection! In principle, any healthy adult aged 18 and over can donate blood. Multiple donors can donate up to an age of 72 years (up to their 73rd birthday) according to the individual decision of the doctors of the DRK blood donation service. Women can donate blood four times and men even six times within twelve months. There must be an interval of at least eight weeks between two blood donations. Blood donors should bring their accident assistance and blood donor passport as well as an official photo ID. The team from the DRK local association Egestorf is happy about every donor and first-time donor.

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