Blood donation: a collection under shelter in Aussonne

For the last blood drive of the 2020 campaign, on December 28, Christian Mermoud, president of the Aussonne Blood Donor Association, received the support of rescuers and sports doctor. An advanced medical station has been installed in front of the village hall to allow donors to wait in this heated waiting room.

Indeed, in order to respect the sanitary instructions, it was not possible to welcome all the candidates for donation at the same time. This logistical support certainly played a role in the smooth running of the collection and certainly contributed to its success, as did the extended time slot. This initiative was favorably received and appreciated by all.

For this collection, we could have feared the negative effect of Covid-19, it was not. As proof, an increase in results compared to the collection at the end of September: 103 people presented themselves, 89 were collected including 12 new donors. The presence of new donors is always a satisfaction for the association.

For the 2021 campaign, the collection dates are already known: Mondays April 19, July 12, October 4 and December 27.

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