Blocking flights from UK such as France… EU discusses countermeasures against virus variants on the 21st Voice of America

As the coronavirus strain, which is more than 70% more contagious than the existing virus, spreads rapidly in the UK, European countries began to suspend flights from the UK.

According to British broadcasters’BBC’, France last night (20th) banned all means of transportation from the UK, including air, sea, and rail, for 48 hours to block the influx of the virus from the UK.

Germany also banned landing on flights departing the UK from midnight on that day, except for freighters.

In addition, about 10 countries, including Ireland, Italy, Australia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Canada, have banned aircraft from landing in the UK, and other countries are reported to be considering the same measures.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the virus is more than 70 percent more contagious than the existing virus, but there is no evidence that it is more lethal.

Earlier, on the 19th, the British government upgraded parts of southeast England, including London, to stage 4 in response to the coronavirus, and implemented emergency containment measures.

Amidst this, the Italian government said yesterday a virus infection was confirmed in Rome, Italy.

In addition to the UK, the World Health Organization’s WHO says nine cases have been identified in Denmark and one in the Netherlands and Australia.

In the meantime, the European Union (EU) is scheduled to convene an emergency meeting today to discuss countermeasures against the variant coronavirus.

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