Blizzard told all about the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-patch – Igromania


A week later, October 14, the world World of Warcraft will change completely: Blizzard will install preliminary patch upcoming major addition Shadowlands… And its main feature will be the global flattening of the levels of heroes and equipment.

To help players prepare for a major change and quickly transition to a new world, the company has released a traditional survival guide. In it, she explained what awaits players after installing the pre-patch and what new opportunities are open to them.

Recall that the pumping system has undergone a radical revision. It has become shorter and more rich in discoveries, a new starting location has been prepared for new characters, and you can now continue your journey in any expansion you choose. In addition, now you can easily and free of charge change the gender of the hero and give him a completely new appearance.

The game also kicks off a special unique event: in Icecrown, the incidence of undead attacks has increased and the Scourge has activated. Those who are familiar with the history understand what caused this. And the invasions will end with the release of Shadowlands, which should appear at the end of the year.

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