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During BlizzConline, Ion Hazzikostas, game director of the World of Warcraft development team, stated that Horde and Alliance might one day fight together in the most difficult raids of the mmog. With this, Blizzard would respond to the poor balance between the two factions.

Over the fifteen years that World of Warcraft has been playable, the balance has been lost between Horde and Alliance, the two factions that mmog players must choose from, acknowledges Ion Hazzikostas, who heads the game’s development team as game director. . In itself there are just as many players who choose Horde or Alliance, but among fanatical players who go through the most difficult raids of the game with a guild, there is a strong preference for the Horde, acknowledges Hazzikostas during the World of Warcraft Q&A, part of BlizzConline held last weekend.

Hazzikostas recognizes that many avid Alliance players now choose the Horde to successfully complete the most difficult raids. He wants to find a solution for this and he indicated during the Q&A that as far as he is concerned, all options are possible. When asked whether that could mean that players from Horde and Alliance might one day participate in such difficult raids together, he replied that something like that is certainly not out of the question. Although he does think that the rivalry between both factions is essential and must continue to exist.

Upcoming innovations

In the Q&A sessions and interviews after the opening ceremony of BlizzConline, more details came out about the future of the game. Those were mainly details about Chains of Domination, the content update that Blizzard planned for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Tweakers had a short conversation with Kevin Martens, lead game design content, in Johnny Cash, lead quest designer. In it, the two designers discussed Korthia, the new zone that is being added to the game.

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According to Martens and Cash, The Jailer, the biggest opponent in Shadowlands, has brought in Korthia with the two huge chains seen in video from Chains of Domination, which Blizzard released. Korthia is a sister city of Oribos. It’s the safe zone where you get the quests that Chains of Domination is all about. It will be the base for the attack that players will carry out on The Jailer. From Korthia, the four Covenants will occasionally launch a major attack on The Maw. That’s a bit like the Invasions we’ve seen in the past, where the Legion launched a full-scale attack on Azeroth, only in reverse. Here players carry out the invasion, instead of defending against it. In addition, it is always another Covenant who carries out the attack. The four Covenants will rotate in it.

However, Korthia is more than just Oribos’ sister city. It is a complete zone, where players can do the necessary quests. You’ll find a mix of the original Oribos-related inhabitants and the subjects of The Jailer. However, players will also go to The Maw itself, although it is different from what you have been the case until now. As part of Update 9.1, players will be presented with the new raid Sanctum of Domination, and one of the opponents to be defeated there is The Eye of the Jailer, the creature that controls everything that takes place in The Maw on behalf of The Jailer. Because it is switched off, The Maw feels much more like a normal zone. The Maw will also be expanded with a new area in the northeast of the zone, where extra difficult quests can be done.

Furthermore, with update 9.1, players can fly in the Shadowlands. An important difference is that players have to do less to be allowed to fly. Where players in the most recent expansions a long list achievements before they could fly, Blizzard is going to make that a lot easier in Shadowlands. Players really only need to complete the storyline to be allowed to fly. Blizzard thus admits to the much-heard complaint that it was too difficult to complete the long list of achievements. You can’t fly in The Maw and Korthia. Blizzard also wants to give players extra options. The existing system of the Covenant Soulbind will be slightly modified. For example, every existing Soulbind gets three extra options, although Blizzard has not yet worked them out.

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