Blizzard Entertainment announces Diablo IV closed post-game beta test

Blizzard entertainmentTo announceDiablo IVThe closed beta of the game is about to begin and select players will be able to test the contents of the first version of the game on Xbox Series X | platforms S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


The production team said that, based on many factors, they will focus more on post-game testing and, at the same time, they don’t want to destroy the narrative experience of the “Diablo IV” player.

Overall, the production team hopes that through this test, players can have fun and have enough time to provide relevant feedback on the game. After the start of the closed test, they hope to receive more diverse and inspiring features in the next phase of Feedback such as Infernal Tide, Nightmare Dungeons, Whispers of the Dead, Realm of Hate, and the Peak panel.

Following this closed beta, Blizzard Entertainment plans to open the Diablo IV public beta to all players in 2023.

As for the players who will be selected for the closed beta test this time around, they will mainly be players who have spent a lot of time in the latest “Diablo II: Remake” and “Diablo III” games in the past, and are hoping to be selected for the closed beta. test. Players who qualify for the beta test must complete the communication item setup in the service before October 11 and set it to “Accept” to further receive the invitation letter for the closed beta test.


At the moment, Blizzard Entertainment has not revealed the specific time for the closed beta test of the Diablo IV game, but if the player has not received a closed beta test invitation before November 19, it means that they have not been selected for the beta. closed test.

The content of the closed beta test in the next phase of the game is as follows:

Hell tide

As you wander around Sant’Huaray, either on foot or on your trusty mount, keep an eye on your surroundings, as you may encounter a hellish tide at any moment. This is a brand new regional event that heroes have a chance to encounter as long as they reach World Level 3: Nightmare difficulty. In Hell’s Rage, Lilith’s minions have been strengthened – although the difficulty has increased, the precious treasures left behind are worth your risk. She will send her men more powerful and powerful than her armies to defeat you, and even the familiar land of San Huary will be transformed by the sudden increase in demonic activity.


After killing the hidden monsters in Hellwave, the monsters have the option to release Embers, a new currency that can be used to unlock Hellwave chests scattered across the region. These chests are rich in loot and only open items from a single equipment slot at a time, such as a body, legs, or two-handed weapons. Be careful not to stack too much Embers, though, because if you fall in battle, the Embers will drop and will need to be collected again.
nightmare prison

Drawing directly from players’ nightmares, we’ve created a new difficulty for the Diablo dungeon. Mind you! Nightmare difficulty dungeons in Diablo IV are unlocked when you find your first Nightmare Crest. Each emblem corresponds to a specific dungeon located somewhere in Saint Huari. These emblems can add different modifications to each exclusive dungeon, making the waiting minions of hell more ferocious and also dropping rarer treasures. After completing the Nightmare dungeon, you will get more powerful emblems, these emblems will give you more difficult challenges to overcome, such as giving the monsters in the dungeon the “undead” ability. As your world level increases in difficulty, there will be brand new Nightmare dungeons waiting for you to explore.

Whispers of the dead

Something has gone wrong with the Whispering Tree and it needs your help to turn things around. Players can see different whispers scattered throughout the map in various corners of San Huary. Completing related tasks will earn you experience points, gold coins, and dark rewards. Each time you complete the Whispering mission, the amount of dark rewards you can get varies, but as long as you get 10 dark rewards from the deceased, you can use them to trade rich loot and experience with the Whispering Tree as a heroic deed. s reward.


The types of whispers that players can see on the map will rotate frequently, and new ones will appear throughout the day to find. The rewards and experience points for each whispered completion are different.

Under normal circumstances, the Whispers of the Dead system will only activate after completing a specific chapter of the main mission. However, in the closed beta, players can try the system as soon as they enter the game.

the place of hatred

Out of hatred for mortals, Mephisto placed a curse on some areas of Saint Huari, turning them into places of deadly hatred. These designated PvP areas are for players who want to prove their name through blood and fanaticism. Players in the Land of Hate can collect Seeds of Hate by killing demons. If you want the seed to work, you must take it to the extraction altar, where it is crushed into red dust. Try not to linger too long as the seeds of hate are turning to red dust, as other players lurking in the area are staring at your dust. If other players come out on top and defeat you in battle, your seeds of hatred will drop.

Taking the effort and taking the risk of converting the seeds of hatred into red powder really pays off. You don’t lose red powder when you get off. You can use this powder to purchase cosmetic rewards from PvP skins and mount vendors. Can you make a name for yourself in this desecrated land?
Peak panel

Upon reaching level 50, the Apex panel is unlocked, which is a late game character growth system designed to strengthen heroes. Whenever a hero gains experience, he also scores top points. These points can be used to unlock new slots, sockets, and even additional pinnacle panels, allowing you to further customize your hero and take your hero’s power to new heights!

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