Blinken: The United States must share vaccine doses with other countries

– We believe that we are in a position to do much more. I know that many countries are asking the United States to do more, some of them are desperate because of the scale of the corona crisis. We hear from you, and I promise that we will work as soon as possible, says Blinken.

The United States has given priority to vaccinating its own citizens first. This has led to criticism of President Joe Biden for continuing Donald Trump’s “America First” doctrine and thus making it more difficult for poorer countries to obtain corona vaccines.

More than 67 million doses have been set in the United States, and according to the White House, more than 4 million doses were set in one day this weekend. Just over 32 percent of the US population has received at least one dose of corona vaccine.

Blinken emphasizes that the American authorities know that a successful vaccination effort in the USA is not enough.

– The pandemic does not stop here at home until it is over in the rest of the world.


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