The US central command said Thursday it had successfully launched a raid on ISIS leaders in northern Syria.

In a statement, the command made it clear that the raid was carried out around 6:32 pm local time in Syria, killing Abu Hashem al-Amawi, Syria’s deputy governor, and another senior ISIS official linked to him.

Initial assessments indicate that no civilians were killed or injured during this operation, according to the statement.

The statement continued: “No American forces were wounded or killed and there was no loss or damage to American equipment in the implementation of this operation.

“This attack will reduce ISIS’s ability to destabilize the region and target our forces and partners,” the command said.

General Michael “Eric” Corella, commander of the United States Central Command. Our forces remain in the area to ensure the lasting defeat of Isis “.

Reuters reported that a rare U.S. raid on a Syrian regime-controlled village in the country’s northeastern early Thursday morning resulted in the killing of an ISIS leader hiding there, according to two. security officers. sources.

The United States has carried out previous raids in Syria to target members of the Islamic State, but Thursday’s operation will be the first known operation in an area controlled by Syrian government forces, according to Reuters.

On Thursday, Syrian regime media reported that US special forces carried out a landing operation in the area, which resulted in the killing of an unknown person, and did not mention that he was affiliated with the organization.

The operation took place in an area of ​​Hasaka province, shared by government forces and Kurdish militants backed by Washington.

The Syrian Observatory, which relies on a network of activists and extensive sources on the ground, confirmed the landing, noting that American forces arrested a person suspected of belonging to the “Isis” organization, as well as “an Iraqi and a Syrian. . “

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