Bleeding gums .. “white spots” in the “mouth”

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Oral and dental health is one of the most prominent indicators that indicate the health of the body, as the mouth is the main entrance to everything that reaches the body, so if you see blood from time to time, especially while brushing teeth, or biting into something that is not soft as a fruit, then you are suffering from gum infection, and you should not Ignore him.

Dr. Ahmed Attia, a dental specialist, says: “Bleeding gums is a disease symptom of gingivitis, which has many causes, the most important of which is the collection of food residues and the failure to clean the teeth properly, which causes the formation of plaque, which is layers of food residues, followed by the occurrence of Calcifications, and the layer known as “tartar”, and sometimes it is a symptom of other more serious diseases such as fluidity and leukemia, and the size of inflammation increases with hormonal disruption, especially during pregnancy, and in some cases gingivitis is a side effect associated with some medications, there are no methods of prevention. From gingivitis, better than brushing teeth properly and regularly with a suitable toothbrush, and using medical floss to clean the gums between the teeth to prevent food residue from gathering.

He added: “A specific type of toothpaste is not required, as it is raised in advertisements and others, but it is advised to change the brush every period or change its shape, to ensure its ability to clean, and in the case of lime formation, brushing the teeth is not sufficient and you must visit the doctor, to clean and remove layers of lime, especially It extends to places that are difficult to see. The complications of gingivitis are not limited to bad odor only, but also extends to receding gums, formation of pockets between teeth, and sometimes loss of teeth, due to a loosening of them, due to the accumulated layers of lime.

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“Attia” pointed out that the most vulnerable groups to gingivitis are pregnant women and smokers. He advised several measures to reduce inflammation, such as eating foods rich in vitamin A, C, A and reducing carbohydrates and sugars.

He pointed out that gum ulcers are one of the symptoms of gingivitis, because the environment available from the presence of gingivitis helps in increasing the ulcers, because the natural gums are characterized by a pink or red color, so the presence of any white mark or spots, or a change in its color is considered evidence of a disease in Teeth or in the body in general, or the gums themselves as a result of several reasons, most notably, as we mentioned, lack of interest in hygiene, or unhealthy habits, such as smoking, or the occurrence of yeast infection, or disturbance in the functioning of the immune system, as well as stress, explaining that all of these The causes also provide a fertile environment for the emergence of gum ulcers, or any bumps inside the mouth in general.

The dental consultant emphasized that gum health expresses the health of the mouth and teeth, and one of the most prominent indicators that indicate the health of the body, as the mouth is the main entrance to food or drink to the body, and because of the moist and dark environment of the mouth makes it a suitable medium for the growth and accumulation of germs, indicating that white spots The accompanying appearance of gingivitis, which is a white blood cell that fights and gets rid of the body from its infection, which is like gingivitis, it appears as a result of the accumulation of food on the gums, and thus the growth of bacteria, or infection, such as a thrush infection that occurs as a result of the presence of fungi in the mouth, where it appears White spots on the gums, tongue, and roof of the throat, and if treatment is neglected, may spread to all parts of the body, as well as yeast infection that occurs as a result of the overgrowth of yeast that lives in the mouth, and its causes also include anemia, oral cancer, weak immune system, and frequent use of bleaches. Artificial teeth, explaining at the same time that its treatment is the same as treatment for gingivitis, with the use of mouthwash on a daily basis to cleanse the mouth, get rid of bacteria, avoid smoking, and finally, if necessary, surgical intervention to treat damaged gum tissue, so it is necessary See a doctor’s visit, especially as it does not disappear.

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Attia stressed that genetics plays a role in predisposition to gingivitis and bleeding, and according to the American Academy of Periodontology, 30% of people who maintain oral hygiene and follow a healthy lifestyle are also exposed to gum infections, due to heredity, at a rate of up to 6 times. about others.

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