Bleeding and Dropping, This is the Price of Brompton Now


Brompton bike prices are down. The bike that was booming at the end of 2020 is now dim again.

The chairman of the Indonesian Bicycle Entrepreneurs Association (Apsindo) Eko Wibowo Utomo revealed that the price of Brompton has now decreased by 20 percent. According to him, this happened because of the excess stock of bicycles in the market.

“Demand is still there but it is decreasing compared to last year. The decline in bicycle prices is due to the oversupply of bicycle goods in the market,” said Eko when contacted by detikcom, Wednesday (15/8/2021).

He said the Brompton bicycle is one of the bicycles that has the upper middle class segment of society. In its home country, this bicycle is known to be practical to use when traveling in the city center. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the trend of Brompton bicycles is increasing along with awareness of health coupled with lifestyle.

“Last year, it was because the demand for bicycles was very high, and public awareness of health during the COVID-19 pandemic was high. For certain classes, they felt that if they didn’t use Bromptons, they didn’t enter, they weren’t in class. ” he said.

He said the price of a standard Brompton bicycle last year was sold for Rp. 45 million. Currently, Brompton is sold for around Rp. 34 million to Rp. 36.5 million. There is also a Brompton type which is more expensive than that.

“For the most expensive Brompton Bike Limited Edition series and rarely issued, it can reach Rp 50 to Rp 100 million depending on the market response and what type of Limited Edition is. The cheapest standard color price is Rp 32 – Rp 34 million,” said Eko.

The following is a breakdown of prices based on detikcom searches in one of the marketplaces.

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