Blanka Lipiska and Baron decided to separate. These star breakups were also quite a surprise

07.10.2020 21:45

There is no shortage of surprising twists in show business. Do you remember those breakups?

Blanka Lipiska, Baron Instagram / alekbaron

Blanka Lipiska and Alexander Baron

Until recently Blanka Lipiska i Alexander Baron they seemed to be the happiest couple in Polish show business. They were both eager to show affection in social media and posted photos together. The idyll does not last long, however, because less than a year. Recently, the erotic author announced that her relationship with the musician of the band Afromental has gone down in history.

Paulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska and Maciej KurzajewskiPaulina Smaszcz-Kurzajewska and Maciej Kurzajewski captain

Paulina Smaszcz and Maciej Kurzajewski

It would be a shock! Paulina Smaszcz i Maciej Kurzajewski they divorced early this year after 23 years of marriage. The freshly baked divorcee has already found a delight with her new partner. Earlier, he gives an intimate interview about breaking up with a meme.

Miley Cyrus i Liam HemswothMiley Cyrus i Liam Hemswoth East News

Miley Cyrus i Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus i Liam Hemsworth they met in 2009 on the set of a film adaptation of one of Nicolas Sparks’ books. It is hard to find more romantic circumstances. After many break-ups and returns, the couple decided on or. Only a few months later, they announced they were getting divorced.

Maffashion and Czarek JMaffashion and Czarek Jwik Instagarm/maffashion_official

Maffashion and Czarek Jwik

Maffashion i Czarek Jwik have long been a favorite of internauts. After a few years, however, their feeling burned out. To the surprise of the fans, they announced their breakup in a video recorded in a sushi restaurant.

or Dominika Tajner and Micha Winiewski KAPiF

Dominika Tajner and Micha Winiewski

Micha Winiewski is one of the most loving stars in Poland. Recently, the leader of Ich Troje is the meme of the mysterious Pola, and only a year ago he divorced Dominik Tajner. Their breakup was unexpected. In the end, only a few weeks earlier, they shared rumors about the breakup on the Internet.

Angelina Jolie i Brad PittAngelina Jolie i Brad Pitt East News

Angelina Jolie i Brad Pitt

When writing about unexpected breakups, it should be mentioned about Brangelin. Angelina Jolie i Brad Pitt they were considered the ideal couple. Beautiful, rich and very much in love. Their marriage, which was reported in the media all over the world, did not last long. After five years, the couple decided to separate.

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