Blackout: “we will have to put our employees on leave” testifies a Lotoise company

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The risks of reducing the load this winter, if they still remain hypothetical, cross the minds of many French people. Even in those of the Lotoise companies. One of them, in the agribusiness sector, decided to write a crisis management procedure just in case.

“We set out to write a crisis management procedure and define rules based on what is likely to happen,” indicates this SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) Lotoise in the food sector. The risks of load shedding this winter are on everyone’s mind and companies are starting to prepare, although this scenario remains hypothetical. “We should be warned in advance, normally three days before. Two days before, we have a reminder. The cuts would last two hours, in the morning between 8:00 and 13:00 or in the evening between 18:00 and 20:00: 00. pm the cut that is confirmed to us by the schedule. In terms of production schedules, this can be very annoying for us,” describes an employee of the agribusiness company.

“Two hours is really the best”

If the load shedding occurs during the night time slot, this will have little effect on the PMI. “We have a lot of raw materials in our refrigerators and freezers. If we have no more electricity at night, it will be enough not to open the doors. It will not drop below a critical temperature. But two hours is really the maximum”, warns the employee.

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On the other hand, if the power outage occurs between 8am and 1pm, it becomes problematic. The employees are on site and are in the middle of the production day. “We will have to put our employees on leave for the time of the cut. And to take them in for half a day’s work is not worth it. The factory is in the countryside, people come from everywhere: Cahors, Caussade, Pradines. .. Working 4 hours is a bad return. He might as well not come, ”he sighs. The latter goes further:“ taking holidays from employees is really complicated. We don’t have many already… I really hope that the cuts will take place in the evening, at least for us”.

And the electrical factors have increased for this company. “It’s a horror,” the employee complains. He explains: “we have 20% cooked products. We will not go any further despite requests”. Lighting the ovens has become an impossible mission without seeing the bill explode.

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