Blackout in Ukraine on November 15 after rocket attacks, where there is no electricity

Updated at 18:30

Due to emergency shutdowns in Kiev at the moment at least half of the houses without electricity.

Lviv 80% de-energized. It is also known that as a result of a rocket attack one person was injured. Mobile operators have limited the operation of some services so that subscribers can use voice calls.

Ternopil region 90% de-energized. Local residents are asked to prepare power banks and other energy sources.


After arrivals in the capital, they are introduced again emergency power outages. DTEK emphasizes that this is a necessary step to balance the energy system and avoid accidents.

As a result, stabilization shutdown programs will not work. According to Yasno CEO Sergey Kovalenko, there is damage from the rocket attack.


This was stated by Mayor Igor Terekhov city ​​partially without light after arrivals at the infrastructure facilities. At the moment, the works of the subway and of the electric land transport have been suspended. There is no information on the victims yet.


Several strong explosions were heard in Lvov today. After them part of the regional center was left without electricity.


Mayor Alexander Tretyak said the Russians launched a rocket attack on a critical infrastructure facility. As a result, parts of Rivne were left without electricity.


After a series of explosions, the city completely without light. According to Mayor Sergei Sukhomlin, the enemy has dealt two blows to the power structures, the repair crews are doing their best.


The head of the Khmelnitsky regional military administration, Sergei Gamaly, reported two hits on objects on the territory of the Khmelnitsky community. In this regard, the city is partially de-energized.

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At the moment, some areas and some villages near Lutsk are without electricity. Representatives of “Volynyoblenergo” understand the situation. The timing of the recovery is not yet known.


Starting at 16:50, emergency power outages were introduced throughout Ukraine.

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