Blackberry Opens Orders for HP 5G Plus Physical Keyboards

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Smartphone manufacturers Blackberry reportedly opened orders for smartphone brand new equipped with a physical qwerty keyboard and 5G network.

To test users’ interest in its products, the company who fully holds the Blackberry license, OnewardMobility, launched the pre-commitment program. Through this program, the company will also provide details on the availability of mobile phones to potential customers.

Through the pre-commitment program, program users will be able to receive information about features, availability of the device before it is known to the public, to provide input about the device.

Last year, Blackberry CEO John Chen mentioned the possibility that this product will launch in North America and Europe in the first half of 2021. It seems that this statement is realized with this offer.

Currently not much is known about this phone unless it will be equipped with 5G network. Blackberry itself has stopped making phones since being hit by the wave of Android and iOS a few years ago. He then partnered with TCL to launch the phone. However, this collaboration was declared to have ended at the beginning of this year, as reported by Ubergizmo.

Quoted GSM Arena, OnwardMobility is a mobile security solutions company for enterprises and businesses. Onward Mobility has experience developing security software, but he doesn’t have the expertise to build and develop mobile phones. Onward Mobility is also working with Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile Limited to manufacture physical products.

The product of the collaboration is expected to be present in the first half of 2021 in North America and Europe. With the news of the program, the company wants to remind the public that the launch discourse is still ongoing.

People who have signed up for the program pre-commitment has the big advantage of having the opportunity to order when the phone arrives and get it before anyone else.

The Blackberry 5G phone with a qwerty keyboard is said to be competing with Android phones and iPhones with non-physical keyboards, which have now become the new normal. In addition, Android phones offered by Samsung have also provided their own enterprise-class security features. But, it’s possible that these products are finding their own niche, according to reports Android Central.


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