‘Black Widow’ postponed; to stream on Disney + via premier access too?

The speculation can begin. Is going to be Black Widow the next title coming via premier access debuts on streaming service Disney +? It could well be possible. In any case, Disney and Marvel are currently looking for a new release date for the movie.

Mulan was the first movie to be released on Disney +. And apparently is doing just fine for Disney. In just a few days, 37.6 million dollars was made worldwide, which went all the way to Disney because there are now no cinemas that also want to get a piece of the pie.

To Disney +?
But if you liked the movie Mulan want to stream via premier access, you have to be fast. Then you only have a month and a half left. The film will no longer be available for purchase on 2 November. Not until a lot later, on December 4, is Mulan free to watch on Disney +. Given the end date on which your Mulan can no longer be seen via premier access, it is now speculated that Disney + will soon also be an exclusive Marvel film Black Widow may release.

A smart tactic from Disney, because that way a lot more people are drawn to Disney +, if that’s really the only place where you can see the film. Then you also have to take out a subscription to Disney + and pay extra for the early streaming rights.

Or not?
At the same time, Variety claims this at the moment Black Widow at least not going to be in cinemas in November. Marvel Studios is currently looking for a new release date, as the cinema is after the disappointing results of Tenet not an option for the film studio.

What is interesting to consider further is that Marvel Studios usually has a tight schedule. All films, and now also series, from Marvel Studios are linked together. As a result, delay for one film also means delay for other films and series. More reprieve for that Black Widow thus possibly also means more delay for other MCU material. And whether Marvel likes that is very much the question.

The latter in turn leads to the cautious question: would the studio consider a release on Disney + via premier access?

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