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Public testing started on PC on Thursday Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, however, the event marred the flow of cheaters on the platform.

Moreover, due to the global crossplay, the problem has once again affected the players on consoles, therefore, like in case of Modern Warfare and Warzone, PS4 and Xbox One users disable the ability to play with other platforms in order to avoid meeting such crooks.

Most cheaters use the most commonplace aimbot (automatic aiming at enemies, which allows you to instantly destroy all opponents within the user’s radius) and wallhacks to shoot through walls.

Many console owners already point out that developers should provide for the possibility of crossplay only between PlayStation and Xbox, since cheating on PC has always been and remains a big problem that the creators of even the most popular games in the world cannot cope with.

The public actively criticized Infinity Ward for its weak fight against cheaters in free Call of Duty: Warzonedespite several large waves of blocking and new methods… However, every banned user can easily start over, because the game is free.

Testing for Black Ops Cold War will continue until 20:00 UTC on October 19.

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