Black holes play a significant role in waste management within the universe, acting as a massive biological cleaner.

[Voice of Hope March 17, 2023](Editor: Guo Xiao) What is the universe, I believe this is not just a patent for scientists to study, ordinary people will also think about it when they have time. It’s just that compared with scientists, our statements and ideas don’t have much credibility, but this does not hinder our wild imagination. Is it possible that the universe is a huge creature? The planets and galaxies we have discovered are all It’s just one of its cells, and human beings are microbes that can’t be smaller, and the universe will disappear naturally on the day she dies. Now there is a theory that after you magnify the cells by 1 billion times, you will find a different world. Things that are invisible to the naked eye can’t be hidden under the microscope. They look like small universes one by one, which is even more impressive. Convinced that the universe is one gigantic creature.

Since the last century, humans have set up space telescopes to observe the distant interstellar space in an attempt to understand the universe, but found that the universe is deeper and unfathomable than we imagined. The universe originally came from a singularity with a big bang, and it continued to expand after its birth about 13.7 billion years ago. It has a diameter of about 93 billion light-years and has not yet ended. Scientists can’t help but boldly guess that the universe is a living thing like human beings, but much larger than human beings. Taking humans as an example, the universe and humans are actually very similar. Human physiological activities cannot do without the energy supply of oxygen and food, and the universe also needs nutrients. So where does the food in the universe come from? The invisible dark matter and dark energy in the universe account for more than 85% of the mass of the universe. It can be seen that the universe is never short of the source of life.

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Like humans, the universe also excretes waste. Planets and stars often come to the end of their lives, and these celestial bodies that become garbage are taken away by black holes called “cosmic killers”. In the eyes of human beings, black holes are extremely vicious, and any celestial body can hardly escape the enemy. But if the black hole is responsible for cleaning up the transformation factory of cosmic waste, will it be treated differently? Haven’t human beings been unable to find where the celestial bodies swallowed by black holes have gone? Is it possible to transform into dark matter, and dark energy is absorbed by the universe? This coincides with the law of conservation of energy proposed by Einstein. The universe was initially as fragile and small as a newborn baby of human beings. As the universe gradually grew up, planets, stars, and galaxy groups began to be born, and solar systems and galaxies appeared one after another.

“Cosmic killer” black hole (Image: pixabay)

These small celestial bodies are like the cells in the human body, while the large galaxy groups are like the organs of the human body. Humans may not have existed in the original cosmic plan, but the earth evolved into an ecological planet by accident, which gave humans a chance. From the perspective of humans, the universe looks like us, but from the perspective of the universe, humans may not even count as microorganisms. It sounds fantastic, but it makes sense when you think about it carefully. If someone really confirmed this statement one day in the future, we are just microorganisms on the cells of huge organisms, what kind of scene will it be, maybe the whole world will be subverted, and only when we correctly understand the hugeness of the universe You will really realize how small you really are.

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