Black Friday – Dyson, Zara and Ikea: here are the offers

In today’s article we are going to see together 3 different categories of multinationals, these 3 brands that we propose today are different things, we have Dyson which mainly deals with vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, hair straighteners, then there is Zara, those unfamiliar with Zara, a clothing chain that can be found everywhere, so clothing for men, women and even children and finally, we will also deal with Ikea, that for those who do not know him, he sells everything for the home, for the garden, furnishings, accessories for the home, in short, everything and more. Let’s see together one at a time in order to give as much information as possible for each one.

All about BlackFriday

Black Friday 2020 – Dyson

Here comes the Black Friday 2020 of Dyson products: lots of offers and discounts on the most desired products of the popular English brand. On offer on the official website we find the vacuum cleaners of the V11 and V8 series, the AirWrap electric brush, air purifiers, lamps and much more.

While waiting for the discounts on the Supersonic hairdryer, Dyson officially opens the offers dedicated to Black Friday on some of its flagship items that can be ordered through the appropriate page on the website of the most popular household appliance company in recent years. Black Friday 2020, scheduled for November 27th, is the right opportunity to take home one of the following top-of-the-range products at a discounted price. Here’s what the offers include.

The first discounted products are vacuum cleaners, with an attractive design and surprising performance. Over time, the Dyson electric broom line has become a real cult object for all aspiring housewares tired of depending on bulky vacuum cleaners, with or without bags, and too short wires.

For Black Friday 2020 you can find the following discounts:

  • Dyson V11 Total Clean Extra at 529 euros (exclusive black color);
  • Dyson V10 Total Clean at 399 euros (exclusive black color);
  • Dyson V8 Total Clean at 299 euros (exclusive black color).
  • Dyson Black Friday: AirWrap offers and LightCycle lamps

No Dyson Supersonic hair dryer on offer: for the moment the only beauty product on sale is the Dyson AirWrap which includes a smoothing brush with a total value of 35 euros to 449 euros. Also discounted is the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool air purifier, always in an exclusive black color, at 549 euros with an additional filter worth 60 euros. Also available is the Dyson Lightcycle Desk lamp, table version, for 399 euros, and the floor version for 599 euros.

Black Friday 2020 – Zara

From Zara, Black Friday 2020 will be an event to which, like every year, many people will flock, ready to take advantage of the excellent discounts made available to buy garments of this Spanish brand for themselves or in anticipation of Christmas gifts. The date scheduled for the appointment with Zara for Black Friday 2020 is November 27, where a large turnout of people is expected, especially in the stores in Rome and Milan.

For those who want to take advantage of the exclusive offers, but without having to choose clothing among many people, Black Friday Zara will also be available online, through the company’s website where the e-commerce is present. In previous years, the stores of the famous Spanish clothing chain had made available to their customers fantastic discounts that are expected to be replicated also in 2020: we are talking about the 20% reduction on all items, and 50% on selected clothing items for men, women or children.

Black Friday 2020 – Ikea

Black Friday 2020 has finally arrived and Ikea with its Black Days is among the main protagonists, with incredible offers. We will find out how the promotions designed by Ikea, one of the leading companies in the furniture and home decor sector, work.

The main initiative is called Black Days, a promotion divided into two phases whose operation is quite simple: during the first phase (which ended on November 19), customers could vote on their own via a dedicated page on the chain’s official website. favorite products; in the second phase, which will take place between 23 and 25 November, more than 150 items will be put on offer and on those that during the first phase have obtained the highest number of votes (one for each of the three categories, which are living room, kitchen and bedroom) a higher discount percentage will be applied, which can range from 15% to 40%.

It has not yet been announced which products will be on promotion and even which ones have obtained the most votes during the first phase of the initiative, but we can get an idea of ​​the items that can be purchased at a reduced price by taking a look at the furniture and accessories on which it was possible to express a preference. As for the Living room category, among the protagonists of the Black Friday Ikea 2020 there are the Ektorp three-seater sofa, the Soderhamn deep seat sofa, the Fabrikor display cabinet, the Kallax four-compartment shelf and the Liatorp white wooden bookcase.

As regards the Kitchen category, it will be possible to buy at a discounted price the 18-piece Vardera dish service, the Oumbarlig steel pot, the Morbylanga walnut-effect wooden table, the Livsgnista glass gas hob and the Bernhard modern design chair. . Finally, as regards the Bedroom on offer there will be among others the wardrobe with sliding doors and drawers Trysil, the single Sotvedel duvet, the bed with Amndal container, the Hovag double mattress and the 6-compartment chest of drawers ( with four large and two small drawers) Malm.

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