Black Friday, beware of scams: Codacons advice

Black Friday, especially on the web, there are opportunities but the risk of scams is high: Codacons has drawn up a handbook for consumers

Black Friday, beware of scams (Websource)

Tips for purchases and in times of Black Friday are fundamental. The temptation to let go, especially in these times of almost forced cloister, is very high but it does the same with the possibility of running into scams. And for this reason the consumer associations, such as the Codacons, watch over.

Never before has Black Friday produced a flood of an avalanche of promotional messages and posts sent on the email but also using all social networks. Many make sense and promote real shopping opportunities. But alongside these lurk the usual scams and attempts to get hold of sensitive data.

According to Codacons, scams related to social networks are increasing, starting with Instagram and Facebook. They refer to links to sites with incredible promotions on smartphones and designer clothing. But in several cases they are fictitious online stores, created ad hoc to collect orders and collect without having the goods available. They are used to steal user credit card data and enter current accounts.

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Black Friday, the Codacons rules to avoid nasty surprises with online purchases

Online shopping, Codacons rules (photo Pixabay)

Precisely for this reason the Codacons has drawn up a series of rules to follow for safe purchases on the web avoiding unpleasant surprises. The fundamental principle is to buy only on safe and guaranteed websites, with international security systems. How to recognize them? For the presence of the padlock in the address bar.

Always check and compare i prices, both online and in physical stores. and pay attention to too high discounts. Check that both the initial price of the product and the final price are shown, including shipping costs or any taxes. Likewise, check the shipping date and where the product is shipped from.

For your safety, keep a copy of the order and check that it is possible to cancel it without penalty. Also on the web, pay via paypal or prepaid cards, avoiding bank transfers or credit cards. Above all, be careful never to communicate your personal data by phone or email.

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How to avoid Blackk Friday scams (Pixabay)

Finally remember that the goods can be returned, as required by law, within 14 days when it is purchased outside physical shops. And if the product or service purchased has a lack of conformity or production, you are entitled to a replacement or refund.

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