Black Cumin Secrets of Health and Fitness Ala Paula Verhoven

JAKARTA, – Baim Wong’s wife, Paula Verhoven and also a mother who has one child. Paula has never forgotten her special attention to health issues in the midst of her busy schedule of activities.

He is very diligent in consuming Royal Black Seed Oil Black Seed from eMShop. This is one of Paula’s ways to stay in shape and avoid viruses and bacteria.

“Since I consume Royal Black Seed Oil Seed Oil regularly, it makes my body fresh, I don’t get sick easily. Especially when it’s still a Covid-19 pandemic, with Black Seed from eMShop helping me maintain and increase my body’s immunity, “said Paula Verhoven

Besides being efficacious in increasing the body’s immunity, Royal Black Seed Oil Black Seed is also beneficial for skin health. It contains antioxidants, vitamin E and limonet acid which work to ward off free radicals and repair skin cells. Keeps skin healthy and nourished.

“There are so many benefits of this Black Seed. In addition to health, it also helps me take care of my facial skin. The ingredients are herbal, 100% BPOM and certified Halal. The Black Seed that I consume is bought at eMShop, not elsewhere,” said Paula

Black Seed or black cumin does have several benefits to help maintain health. Black cumin is effective in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar in the body. A person is advised to take black cumin pills to boost the immune system.

Here are the benefits of Black Seed or Black Cumin:
• Prevents Bacterial Infection
• Prevent seizures
• Prevent type 2 diabetes
• Prevent heart attacks
• Prevent colon cancer

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