BL: Success in Andorra and Iceland in the semi-finals of the semi-finals

The Inter Club d’Escaldes of Andorra reversed and won 2-1 against La Fiorita in San Marino in Reykjavík, the semi-finals of the Champions League. His opponent in Friday’s final will be Vikingkyk Reykjavík from Iceland, who defeated Estonia’s Levadia Tallinn 6-1.

The San Marino champion took the lead in extending the first half, but it is Inter Escaldes the 35-year-old Spanish striker after the turn, Genis Soldevila reversed twice and won the first match of the 2022-2023 season of the Champions League.

In the other match, the Estonian Levadia Tallinn took the lead in the 3rd minute and then scored six (!) Goals for the Icelandic Víkingur Reykjavík against, so the latter made it to the finals of the qualifiers.

La Fiorita (San Marinó-i) –Inter Escaldes (Andorra) 1–2
Levadia Tallinn (Estonia) –Víkingur Reykjavík (Iceland) 1–6

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