Bizarre storm Lake Como Italy: ‘As if meteorites are hitting’ | Abroad

The ANWB, among others, warns on Wednesday about the consequences of the severe weather early this week. “There are many problems en route around Lugano, also towards Como, due to flooding.”

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Some roads are impassable.

Some roads are impassable.

Images of the storm have been raging on social media in recent days. It happened again on Tuesday. Numerous towns around Lake Como experience floods and landslides.


The hailstorms looked “like meteorites hitting,” a reporter shared.

The town of Brienno, among others, has been hit hard, but that also applies to Tessin and Coldrerio. Dozens of people have been evacuated. There are no reports of deaths or injuries.


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An Italian journalist speaks of a ‘disastro’, a disaster. His video shows how a woman on a scooter narrowly escapes a passing mudslide.


Lake Como itself is now getting fuller. Even all the debris that was dragged along comes to rest in the lake. A lot of wood floats on the surface.

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