Bizarre scenes: the strange parade of the right-wing girls

24.07.2020 06:00

Bizarre scenes: the strange parade of the right-wing girls

On Wednesday uniformed girls played folk songs at Dresden’s Neumarkt, on Tuesday a group was out and about in Rathen. What’s behind it?

Dresden – Quirky scenes at tourist hotspots: uniformed girls played on Wednesday Dresden Neumarkt Folk songs, on Tuesday there was a group in different uniforms in Rathen. What’s behind it?

A uniformed youth association was out and about in Rathen. © Dresden Nazi-free

Hiking together, making music and cultivating customs – that drives scouts on the one hand, but also right-wing youth groups on the other.

Such was only banned eleven years ago with the “Heimattreuen German Youth”. Their camps were considered to be the hotbed of the neo-Nazi scene.

The girls from Neumarkt come from the predecessor organization of that particular group, the so-called “Freibund”.

In the 1970s, open neo-Nazis began to split off from this, most recently in 1990 those who later formed the HDJ.

Today’s free alliance is close to the “New Right” and has connections to the right-wing extremist “Identitarian Movement” and the AfD.

The chairman of the Bund Ingmar P. (34) writes texts for the national revolutionary-oriented scene paper “we ourselves”.

Youth League expert Jesko Wrede (40) confirms: “The freebund can best be assigned to the national revolutionary spectrum of the New Right. Open militancy and neo-Nazism are not shown.”

Even the expert does not know who is behind the Rathen group: “Symbols and clothing do not match any group I know,” he says. “Perhaps one of the start-ups that are often found in this spectrum.”

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