Bitter, this man had to sell PS5 cheaply after his wife exposed his cover business

Reporter: SS. Kurniawan | Editor: SS Kurniawan

KONTAN.CO.ID – TAIPEI. A Taiwanese man is forced to sell his new PlayStation 5 aka PS5 cheap after his wife finds out about his camouflage business game console it as an air purifier.

Launch Taiwan News, Jin Wu wrote the story of buying the PS5 from the man on November 21 on his Facebook account. According to Wu, he initially called the number that sold the PS5, and a woman answered the phone.

Wu said that when he talked to the woman about the PS5, the girl sounded like someone who doesn’t play very often video game.

And, Wu was surprised when the woman offered a very low price for the PS5 which is currently rare on the market, cheaper than other offers he had seen.

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Regardless of the price, the woman seemed excited enough to sell it. However, when Wu met the console owner in person, he was surprised to see a middle-aged man, whom he valued as maniac gamer.

When he started chatting with the man, Wu asked him where he originally bought the PS5. The man replied that he had bought it on the e-commerce site PChome.

“Did you buy two? If not, why did you sell them?” Wu asked. The man was silent for a while before saying, “My wife wants to sell it.”

The man had a bitter expression on his face, and Wu was at a loss for words. The man then said, “It turns out that women can tell the difference between the PS5 and the air filter”.

In early June, netizens compared the PS5 to an air purifier that looks very similar.


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