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As soon Bitcoin (BTC) featured in an episode of South Park, you know that cryptocurrency adoption is booming! The cryptocurrency got a small part in the recent episode “Post COVID.”

“Bitcoin ONLY”

The episode is set 40 years in the future in a post-COVID world. According to South Park, by then the world will only accept bitcoin and a number of select cryptocurrencies for transacting. It is of course plausible that the makers of the program are not trying to make a serious prediction.

Nevertheless, bitcoin is getting a role. As soon as one of the characters Stan Marsh goes to the motel “Super 12 Motel Plus” to book a room, the sign “Bitcoin ONLY” can be seen at the register. The receptionist tells Marsh:

Now, of course, we only accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because, you know, it’s the FUTURE, we’ve all decided that centralized banking is rigged, so we’re relying more on ‘fly by night’ Ponzi schemes.

Bitcoin maximalists not happy

And it’s that last sentence that the Bitcoin maximalists aren’t really happy about. Bitcoin maximalists are people who believe that Bitcoin is the only true cryptocurrency and ultimately the only crypto that will be needed in the future. In short, according to them, bitcoin is better than any other cryptocurrency.

And calling Bitcoin Ponzi fraud is a sensitive point. Ponzi fraud is better known as a pyramid scheme in which investors have to recruit more and more new investors in order to grow their investment. However, Bitcoin fits the definition of a pyramid scheme just as much as gold and the euro do.

That South Park calls Bitcoin a pyramid scheme is probably just a joke since opponents always try to put the cryptocurrency that way. Will we only pay with bitcoin and other crypto in 40 years? As far as we’re concerned, that’s totally fine!


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