Bitcoin has stuck to the pecuniary historical price record, falling on me this afternoon. Bitcoin helps to increase the price, which Babiov puts into an enormous debt

Price bitcoinu today it has grown by 860 dollar per piece, ie less than 400 from the historical price record dollar. According to the Coindesk server, there was one ahead of Central European time today bitcoin vce ne 19 271 dollar. Jeho prices record from the end of 2017 according to the data of the same server in 19,665.39 dollar.
It certainly cannot be ruled out that the EU this afternoon bitcoin will reach its new historically record price.
Bitcoinu The current highly expansive monetary policy of central banks. She stalls years rates, vetn tch na vldnch bonds, and thus allows the debt to be rapidly indebted. Alternatively, it is prepared by repurchase bond in the spirit of the so-called quantitative easing for many years on debt. This is also the case of the Czech Republic. Daov balek, which was approved by the Chamber last week, would not have been conceivable without the highly expansive monetary policy of central banks. esk nrodn banka from spring this year, in case of need on the secondary market to buy a long-term esk vldn bonds. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the disruption of the Czech public finances, as some politicians and economists now warn against the adoption of the package.
For example, an expansive monetary policy European Central Bank created a state where investors pay ecku for giving him (for two years) a drink ecko according to the new forecast of the European Commission this year to report a debt of about 207% HDP, vce ne ptinsobn oproti R.
It is thus practically unimaginable that in the foreseeable future there could be a breakdown of public finances in the Czech Republic, when with the comfortable provision of its financial problem of multiple indebtedness. ecko.
From a long-term perspective, the highly expansionary monetary policy of central banks knows the risks of sket. Investors in bitcoinu, m help his prize get close to the record.
The total global volume of debt that is in dispute is the most in history. According to the Global Negative-Yielding Debt Index compiled by Bloomberg and Barclays Dan, the volume has now reached 17.05 trillion US dollars in November. dollar, piem dosavadn record with year 2019 amounted to 17.04 trillion. Over the past eight months, more has doubled.

Obvious debt entry means that the investor in debt bond zsk on the date of its maturity mn penz, not for how much he bought it, after including the coupon, ie years of payments. The debt is therefore the issuer bond so enough paid for his mon pension pjit. You now have a negative return for two years bonds eck vldy. This means the first time that the Athenian government now has an international investment of its own salary for the fact that they can retire for two years. pjit. Going in front of a few months would be something so unthinkable.
Behind the significant increase in the volume of debt, which shows a return, is currently due to a change in the extremely expansionary monetary policy of the worlds of major central banks, in line with the US feder. You do this in order to dampen the adverse economic impacts coronavirov nkazy and related anti-pandemic patent.
As a result of the growth in the volume of assets, which not only do not cover inflation, but do not even record any positive return, the rise among investors around the world inflation cover, they are at least resistant to them. Between n pat example real estate, but now again intensively monitored cryptocurrency see him bitcoinem.

Bitcoinu a dalm kryptomnm not only the change in the extremely expansionary policy of central banks, the key part of which is years rates eg economy, including input bond. This monetary policy has also raised concerns among investors that the stimulus is accelerating markedly inflation, and thus e conventional assets of type bond they will be devalued in inflation to drive me resilient not today.

Luke Kovanda, Ph.D.

Nrodn ekonomick rada vldy (NERV)

Chief Economist, Trinity Bank


Trinity Bank has been operating on the financial market for 25 years and the transformation of the Moravian Penn State of Savings Bank has been established. M tm 25,000 clients and its balance sheet amount exceeds 18 billion K.

Trinity Bank specializes in private and corporate banking, with individuals focusing on deposits and savings products, which offer an above-standard valued dispute.

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