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This week it became known that the “Shall we dance” profiles Birgit Skarstein (31) and Helene Spilling (24) have become cohabitants.

The duo has developed a good friendship through their participation in the TV 2 program, and thus decided that Spilling could just as well move into Skarstein’s apartment at Majorstuen in Oslo. Spilling’s dog Bobby also joined the moving load.

– I think it will be a party every day. We are very similar, and she is very bubbly and has a lot of energy. I think she’s a nice person to have around her. You get in a good mood from that lady, Spilling told Dagbladet about moving to Skarstein.

ATTENTION: Birgit Skarstein and Philip Raabe received standing ovations after their first dance in “Skal vi danse”. Now she talks about the attention and the very good chemistry with her dance partner. Reporter: Emma Eriksson. Video: Steffen Pettersen / Red Carpet
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Think it’s nonsense

However, the cohabitation has also been accompanied by a good number of reactions. Spilling can tell Dagbladet that she has received several questions after the cohabitation became known.

A common occurrence is that people ask if it is actually true that they have moved together. Others have asked if it is the case that their dance partners, Nate Kahungu and Phillip Raabe, will also move in with them.

– No, it’s just me and Birgit, Spilling states, and points out that cohabitation is not a joke at all.

GOOD FRIENDS: Skarstein and Spelling moved in together recently, assuring that they are just good friends. Photo: Private
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The professional dancer adds that most of the reactions have been positive.

– There have been several who really want us to share some videos to show how we live, and how we feel, she continues.

Birgit Skarstein has also received similar reactions. The top athlete tells Dagbladet that it is fascinating how many people have realized that she and Spilling have become cohabitants.

Many also wonder if they have become lovers, Skarstein reveals.

– There are many who ask, and who think it is very nice. There are many who wonder if we are lovers too, but we are not. And then there are many who wonder if we have moved together for real, or if it is only for a few days. We will live together for real, she assures.

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Still single

The two girls are just good friends, and now Spilling is working to get well at Skarstein’s home.

– I had an extra room. Because it’s corona, you can hardly be social, and that’s how it will probably be for a long time, throughout the winter. Then it’s nice to be here and keep each other company, at least, she says.

– Why do you think people wonder if you are together?

– It may have to do with the headlines. It may be that people have speculated since it says that we have become cohabitants, it can be interpreted both ways, Skarstein says to Dagbladet.

The 31-year-old confirms that she is still single, and has no one in the binoculars during the day.

It was Helene Spilling who in a video clip on Instagram this weekend revealed that she was moving into the vacant room in Skarstein’s apartment.

The dance partner has so far only spent one night in her new home, but she already thrives in the apartment.

– Bobby and I wander around here, but it takes a while before you feel that it is yours. It is a very nice apartment, and now I will see if I can pimp it up a bit, she says with a laugh.

WERE SURPRISED: During a question about why the couple did not kiss in the final, Nate is surprised by the dance partner. Video: Thea Hope / Henriette Eilertsen
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– Very genuine

The duo developed a close friendship during “Skal vi danse”, and Spilling recently told Dagbladet that already when she greeted Skarstein at the beginning of the program, she thought that the top athlete seemed like a very happy and ålreit lady.

– You notice very well that she is very genuine, and that there is no mask there, and that this is a person you can trust and talk to. Phillip and I have been very good friends, and we have helped each other along the way in “Shall We Dance”. I have several times been inside their dance hall and tried to help Birgit with how to dance with her arms, Spilling has stated.

Spilling has until now lived at the parents’ home in Gjerdrum, and says that the cohabitation plans were created during the recording of “Skal vi danse”.

– It has really only been a little along the way in “Skal vi danse”. Then we talked about that I wanted to move to Oslo when the program was over. Birgit and I have had very good contact, Spilling shared earlier this week.

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