“BioShock 4” will take us back to a familiar time period, according to new rumors

New details about BioShock 4The setting has reportedly now ended up online, and it is now claimed that the next game in the series will take place in a fictional Antarctic city in the 1960s.

This according to Colin Moriarty, who claimed the above under a freshman Sacred Symbolsvideo (first featured by VGC.) According to Moriarty, the next BioShock game (codenamed “Parkside”) will take place in an Antarctic city called Borealis, and the narrative will be linked to previous games in the series. This statement seems to fit in well with the sources of other publications, including those used by VGC and Eurogamer.

“I’ve been told that developers have an incredible room for maneuver to get things done right,” Moriarty said in the video. “It works and sounds right to my ears.”

“Internally, the game is kept very secret, and apparently, completely behind bars,” Moriarty continued. “It seems that the trend here is that they understand very well that this game is going to be compared to it [den opprinnelige ‘BioShock’-skaperen] Ken Levine does. And who, by the way, also publishes Levine’s next game [Take-Two.]»

Although it has previously been confirmed that a new BioShock game is under development at Cloud Chamber, there have been few concrete details about the product – it also includes the name (which is why we currently call it “BioShock 4.”).

In 2019, the manufacturer 2K announced that a new BioShock was under production, and that this status would last “for the next several years.”

Comment: Will there be more information coming soon?

(Image credit: 2K Games)

Although the above “BioShock 4” details have not yet been confirmed by either Cloud Chamber or 2K Games, it is still exciting that things are now apparently moving.

“BioShock” and “BioShock 2” both took place in the 1960s, in the underwater city created by the enigmatic Andrew Ryan, and since the new game will take place at about the same time, it may seem that the connection may be based on the time period of the narrative takes place in. It can also mean that we will return to the iconic 1960s aesthetic, with beautiful Art Deco interspersed with steampunk – but now in a more open setting (there will be talk of so-called «open world».)

The launch date of the new BioShock game has not yet been confirmed, but it is still possible rumours that 2022 may be the year we get both a completely fresh game, as well as a remaster variant of the original. We hope the new BioShock game gets an official unveiling below The Game Awards on December 9, an event that tends to feature world premieres for the biggest upcoming games.


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