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Binyamin Ahimeir is missing Binyamin – grave fear for his life

Binyamin Achimair, a 14-year-old boy from Jerusalem, has been missing since the morning hours in the Binyamin area. The boy went out during the morning hours to herd sheep, but after a few hours, the herd returned without him, reported GLA journalist Doron Kadosh.

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It was also reported that the possibility that it was a terrorist incident that led to his disappearance is being investigated. However, it is not yet clear what the circumstances are, and a security source said that there is a possibility that the boy dried out in the field, fell or fell asleep.

video-caption">The search for the boy in Binyamin (photo: use according to section 27a)

Now, many forces are involved in the search for him, with, among other things, Air Force T-vehicles and special forces that have been dropped into the field taking part in this. In addition, the Shin Bet is also involved in the search for Ahimair. It was reported that anyone who knows of his whereabouts is asked to contact the Israel Police, or the Binyamin Police Station, by phone at 029706444.

The village of El Muayir is named, this is as part of the search for Ahimair. However, the IDF refused to block the exits leading to Ramallah and Nablus. In response to this, many residents came to the place on their own accord and worked to block the area, fearing the kidnapping of the boy into the heart of the Arab cities.

His sister Hana was interviewed a short time ago by the High Court, and said: “We believe there will be good news. We were informed that Binny has not been found since 6:30 in the morning, this is an area he knows, he goes out to graze a lot of sheep there. He is a good boy, a boy Teva, takes care of the sheep all day, doesn’t do nonsense, it’s never happened that he disappeared like that. He went out with a phone on him, maybe he doesn’t have reception. The father and brothers went to look for him with the security forces. We hope for the best and wait for him to return before Shabbat.”

The IDF spokesperson said: “IDF forces from the air and on the ground, including special forces, have been working since the early afternoon together with the Israel Police and other forces in the search for the 14-year-old boy who has been missing since this morning in the area of ​​the Peace Angels in the Benjamin Brigade. The commander of the Central Command, the commander of a division IOS and the commander of the Benjamin Brigade are in the field and are leading the forces in the search for the boy. The forces are blocking roads and conducting searches in the area.”

Searches for Binyamin Achimair (Photo: IDF Spokesman)

Israel’s chief rabbi, Gard Lau, commented on the search for the boy, and said that since the situation now is one of complete soul control, the search must continue even into Shabbat as long as it is necessary, any action required for the search can and should be carried out on Shabbat as well. Together with all of Beit Yisrael we will pray And we wish for the reality of the boy being healthy and intact.”

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