Bima Sakti apologizes for the defeat of the Under 17 national team in Malaysia


Trainer Indonesian National U-17 Milky Way sorry after the crushing defeat of Malaysia. Garuda Asia lost 1-5 to 2023 Asia U-17 Cup Qualifiers.

Under 17 national team in reality it only takes a draw to qualify, in the match at Pakansari Stadium, Bogor Regency, Sunday (9/10/2022). But Arkhan Kaka Cs conceded five goals in the first half and could only reply to one goal at the end of the match.

Malaysia’s goals were scored by Zainurhakimi Zain, Arami Wafiy (brace), Anjasmirza Saharudin and Afiq Danish. While the goal for the Under 17 national team was scored by Arkhan Kakà.


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This defeat prevented the Under 17 national team from qualifying for the final. In addition to failing to qualify from the group winners, Indonesia also failed to make it through the top six runners-up.

“I apologize to all Indonesian football fans for this unsatisfactory result. Definitely disappointed and sad,” said Bima Sakti, making a statement after the match.

“I have told the players to take lessons and experience from this tournament for them in the future. Because their careers are still long. This is my responsibility as a manager,” he added.

In this match, the Under 17 national team played without captain Muhammad Iqbal. He was absent for accumulation of yellow cards.

But Bima Sakti did not want to say that his team’s defeat was due to the absence of Iqbal. He put the body that the defeat was due to his mistakes in setting up strategies and calculations.

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“Actually, there are no champions in this team. Iqbal’s role is very important, but we also rehearsed several times with other teams in Yogyakarta, trying without Iqbal,” said Bima Sakti.

“Playing even without (Arkhan) Kakà, Kafiatur (Rizky), but in fact the pressure (Vs Malaysia U-17) was very high. The atmosphere really conditioned, the entry of Malaysia’s goals from one to five that gave us put a little tense, “He said.

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