Bima Arya: Afraid Civil Servants Please Resign

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Mayor Bogor Bima Arya states 2021 is the year of the fight against covid-19. For civil servants (Civil servants) who are not ready to fight are welcome to step aside from the structural bureaucracy in the Bogor City government.

He conveyed this at the “Reflection and Prayer Together at the end of 2020” at Bogor City Hall, Thursday (31/12).

“Civil servants who are not fighters please step aside. Fearless civil servants, please resign from their positions. Especially if civil servants who are selfish and oriented to accumulate material, please resign,” said Bima, quoted from Among, Thursday (31/12).

According to Bima, civil servants who become leaders, including in regional apparatus organizations, are fighters.

He also stated that he was conducting an evaluation related to rotation and promotion of positions in the structural bureaucracy. The plan is for rotation and promotion of positions in the bureaucratic structural environment of the Bogor City Government in January 2021.

Previously, Bima admitted that he was conducting a basic and comprehensive valuation of the performance of the Health Service which was considered slow in handling and anticipating Covid-19 in Bogor.

According to him, the Health Service was slow in handling Covid-19, especially in the process tracing, testing, and treatment against citizens.

“The Health Office should have moved quickly in tracking, testing and treating, to suppress the increase in the spread of positive cases of Covid-19,” he said.

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