Bills, from October increases for electricity (+ 15.6%) and gas (+ 11.4%)

After the sharp drops in recent months, energy bills are rebounding. According to Arera, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, the increases from 1 October will be substantial and will be 15.6% for electricity and 11.4% for gas. Nonetheless, savings are still expected for the typical family this year. In fact, in the second quarter of 2020 there were decreases of -18.3% for electricity and -13.5% for gas, which continued in the third quarter for gas (-6.7%), with a slight increase for electricity (+ 3.3%). The rebound for energy prices returning to levels close to pre-Covid levels, explains Arera, is due to the strengthening of the recovery in economic activities and consumption.

Regarding the effects on consumers (gross of taxes), in 2020 the typical household benefits in any case from an overall saving of approximately 207 euros / year compared to 2019. In detail, for electricity the expenditure in 2020 for the typical family will be approximately 485 euros, with a variation of -13.2% compared to 2019, corresponding to a saving of around 74 euros / year. In the same period, the typical household’s expenditure for the gas bill will be around 975 euros, with a variation of -12% compared to the 12 months of the previous year, corresponding to a saving of around 133 euros / year.

After the collapse of prices recorded in the wholesale energy markets in the most acute phase of the Covid emergency, the recovery of energy consumption, which confirms the restart of the economy in Italy and Europe, has therefore led to a gradual rise in prices. The overall effect is particularly marked in the natural gas and CO2 markets and is consequently reflected also in the electricity market.


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