Bill Gates Predicts Electronic Tattoos Will Replace Smartphones

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Bill Gates predicts that there will be a new type of technology that will replace smartphones. This isn’t the first time Gates has made a prediction. Gates had previously spoken about the pandemic he had foreseen years before Covid-19.

Then what technology will replace the smartphone according to Bill Gates?

This American philanthropist predicts a new technology that will replace smartphones called electronic tattoos.

Currently, electronic tattoos are being developed by the biotechnology-based company Chaotic Moon. Electronic tattoos aim to analyze and collect information from the human body, as reported by Marca, Monday (7/3/2022).

The data stored by tattoos is medical and sports information so that it is possible to prevent and control disease, as well as improve physical and exercise performance through vital signs.

While electronic tattoos are still in development, they are known to be applied temporarily to the skin with tiny sensors and trackers that send and receive information via special inks that conduct electricity.

Gates wants electronic tattoos to replace smartphones. But the early adoption of electronic tattoos was not enough for the 66-year-old, who wanted this futuristic device to be a smartphone replacement.

Gates’ idea, which has been seen in several Hollywood films, is that people can use electronic tattoos developed by Chaotic Moon to make calls, send messages, or find addresses.

Until now there is still no talk regarding the estimated time when it will be launched or sold to the market. Gates and his team are looking at ways to make new devices people use and do things like smartphones.

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