Bill Gates: “Korea has an outstanding vaccine generation potential … We have to repay humanity.”


Bill Gates, who visited Korea for 3 days and 2 evenings, experienced an distinctive job interview with KBS right before leaving.

President Invoice Gates spelled out why he individually selected Korea as the leading country for beating infectious ailments.

In distinct, he pressured that it is time for Korea to spend back in order to get over the crisis of humanity.

An distinctive job interview with Bill Gates was produced by journalist Eun-hye Son.


President Invoice Gates, who has visited Korea for the first time in 9 a long time since 2013, pressured that he will companion with South Korea during his check out to help save humanity from infectious diseases.

The principal motive was the progress of the vaccine and the production potential of Korea.

[빌 게이츠/빌 앤드 멀린다 게이츠 재단 이사장 : “Korea’s shown that in vaccine design and manufacturing, it’s got great capabilities. It won’t be the only country, but it’ll be one that will help a lot.”]

He also gave a generous assessment of Korea’s quarantine steps against the Crown.

Though the variety of confirmed conditions in Korea has been expanding recently, the problem is not expected to be as bad as in the United States.

[“the ability to find the cases and stop those chains of infection, there was fairly quick action in in doing that.”]

He also purchased that Korea, which has already achieved a sizeable stage of economic enhancement, should perform a part in a condition the place the globe is likely through a deep Corona tunnel.

[“looking at the history of South Korea, which has been so successful, that giving back, you know, 0.3% is a doable thing and can have a huge impact.”]

Worried about the crown scenario in North Korea, he claimed the whole world, including South Korea, really should aid.

President Monthly bill Gates, who emphasised the rather intense quarantine measures, said he was undertaking properly if he overreacted.

Nonetheless, he also stressed the will need for deep consideration to find a compromise between strengthening the quarantine and guaranteeing the liberty of citizens.

[“each country has to study its own circumstances that at various times, you know, so they’re very difficult tradeoffs to be made.”]

Bill Gates concluded an job interview with KBS stating that the classes figured out from the coronavirus will assistance generate a greater long run.

[“a lot of innovation can help us reduce deaths every year and catch the next outbreak and stop it before we have a repeat of this pandemic.”]

I am Eunhye Son from KBS Information.

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