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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates spoke about the Five things you do in your free time and that help you stay more productive. These tips were given to their followers through the ‘Reddit AMA’ portal, where many celebrities talk to their fans.

Bill Gates is an American businessman and philanthropist, known worldwide for being the co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world.

Gates has always been an advocate of productivity and efficiency at work. From his beginnings as a programmer, he stood out for his ability to simplify processes and create innovative solutions. His focus on productivity has led him to be a successful business leader.

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After years of hard work, Bill Gates realized that free time is also important in the routine, as this helps to the brain recovers and stress levels are lower.

To take advantage of free time and sleep better, Bill Gates wash the dishes at night. This trend is also followed by the tycoon Jeff Bezos: “I wash the dishes every night. I am quite convinced that it is the sexiest thing I do,” he mentioned.

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Physical activity helps the body’s health, but it also helps keep the brain active, which is why Bill Gates practices sports such as tennis and golf. The businessman even played against Rafael Nadal in a charity match for the Roger Federer Foundation in South Africa.

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Another of the activities carried out by Bill Gates to keep his brain active is reading, through his blog he makes all kinds of book recommendations that have inspired him in some way. But not only the books, in his forums, the tycoon also recommends articles and stories found on the internet.

The businessman also dedicates his time to table games that make him “think and work as a team”, since with these he can be more of a strategist.

Finally, Bill Gates recommends having conversations with people who can be inspiringIn the case of the tycoon, he talks to Warren Buffett, an American investor and businessman.

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