Bill Burr calls out to Star Wars fans who criticize Migs Mayfield’s Boston accent

Bill burr wants Star wars fans to know they’re a little hypocritical about his Boston accent The Mandalorian. As the franchise takes place in a galaxy far, far away, many characters speak perfect English, which Burr finds a bit odd. The comedian opened up about his time as Migs Mayfield in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon, who asked about Star wars fans criticizing Burr’s accent in Boston.

Although there are aliens who have their own languages ​​in the Star wars franchise, almost everyone speaks English. ” And English? Isn’t that a little weird? ” Bill Burr interviewed Jimmy Fallon and Star wars Fans. “If you’ve been to a galaxy far, far away and you come down and someone says ‘Hey, how are you?’ and you fully understand it? It’s something that has been brought up by fans over the years, but it’s generally overlooked.

Bill Burr had not finished his Star wars accent criticism. He joked, “How about C-3PO with an English accent – that was okay? The guy was knighted, he just played at the Royal Albert Hall, now he’s hanging out with [Luke Skywalker] The comedian didn’t start talking about a droid, but he continued to point the finger at Chewbacca. Burr had this to say.

“What about the fact that Han Solo is talking to a Bigfoot?” He speaks Bigfoot Han Solo speaks English, they never break the character but we continue… [imitating Wookiee noises] and [Solo’s] like, ‘I said hit the Chewie button!’ And none of that! Everything is fine! ”

Star wars wasn’t exactly something that was on Bill Burr’s radar when he was growing up. Ultimately, the comedian thinks he was too old for things like Ewoks when he was taking over the world, so it wasn’t something he focused on. However, even Burr couldn’t turn down an offer of The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau. Even if he still hasn’t really seen it. “I haven’t really watched it,” Burr recently confessed. “I was hoping you weren’t going to ask me that. This is my list of crap to watch. I was going to try, I was going to try! I know, I’m embarrassed now. I’ll watch it. I watched most of the first season – I just, you know, it came out on vacation. ”

It’s unclear if Bill Burr has completed Season 1 of The Mandalorian yet, but last week he hadn’t. That being said, a lot of actors don’t like to watch themselves onscreen. same Star wars fans sometimes seem to forget that it’s work for people like Burr and the other stars of the franchise, and not everyone wants their job to be remembered all the time. You can watch Burr’s interview above, thanks to the Tonight Show YouTube channel with Jimmy Fallon.

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