Bilic: I have talked with the Football Association 5 times about coaching the national football team to lead Guoan to win the Chinese Super League championship.

Original title: Bilic: once talked with the Football Association 5 times to coach the national football team to lead Guoan to win the Chinese Super League championship

News from January 8th, Beijing time, according to the Football News, Guoan’s new coach Bilic said in an interview with the Croatian newspaper “Sportske novosti” that he had seriously discussed the possibility of coaching the national football with the Chinese Football Association three years ago. The first task of entering Guoan is to lead Guoan to the Chinese Super League championship.

——The Chinese Super League starts in March

Although we plan to start preparations in early February, due to a two-week quarantine after arriving in China, we may go to China on January 15th.

-Choose to teach in China

-For me, China has always been interesting as a football entity. After all, three years ago, I had serious negotiations with representatives of their Football Association to take over the Chinese national team. What has changed this time to make me accept the invitation? Three key conditions are met: first, I am now free; second, the club’s financial situation is within the range I want; third, the club is strong and ambitious. This time I signed one of the top three clubs in China.

——Can you elaborate on the last negotiation with China?

That was in 2018. I talked to their people five times in Rome, Brussels, and Russia playing the World Cup, but in the end, neither side was able to turn the dialogue into reality, but the seriousness, professionalism, and decent behavior of the Chinese left me happy. Memories. In addition, I was very concerned about their national team at the time, so I also had some understanding of their football.

——The ambition of coaching Guoan

If I didn’t pursue the highest goal, what kind of coach would I become? But I will not make any promises, nor will I let the club’s plans fail. This is a great club. As a coach, I should do my best to achieve the club’s ambitions with our partners and players. Obviously, my first task is to win the Chinese Super League title. Guoan has been missing this title since 2009, and the clubs have also struggled in the league for this.Return to Sohu to see more


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