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How secure are your domains and where are the dangers?

Domain risks are often underestimated

A current study by BITKOM reports on the alarming increase in cyber attacks on German companies, ICANN warns of attacks on the global domain name system and the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) sees significant risk potential in dealing with domain names. Unfortunately, these risks come into play every day, although this damage could have been prevented.

What should companies know and what can they do?

Practically and with many examples, the more than 20-page eBook deals with the fundamentals of domain risk management, names legal obligations and deals with responsibilities and liability issues. Numerous domain risks (eg: “domain hijacking”) are clearly described and the risk assessment and possible consequences are discussed.

Checklist: What about my own domain risks?

The risk atlas supports domain managers in gaining a first impression of their own potential dangers in the company. The checklist includes 53 questions on 14 risk areas and enables a quick introduction to the topic.

той Get the whitepaper “Domain Risk Management” for free

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