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Biggest Video Game “Cheat” Seller Syndicate in the World Arrested by Police

by world today news

KOMPAS.com – Together with game developers Tencent, the Chinese Police team succeeded in arresting the seller syndicate cheat or cheat codes for the biggest video games in the world.

The organization called Chicken Drumstick was arrested for making and selling cheat dangerous for a number of popular games, such as Overwatch and Call of Duty Mobile.

Chicken Drumstick is considered a seller cheat largest in the world because it has a wide customer coverage, reaching hundreds of countries.

In trading his fraudulent code, the organization headquartered in the city of Kunshan, China, implements a subscription system for customers.

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Users who want to earn cheat have to pay a subscription fee of 10 US dollars (around Rp. 145,000) per day to 200 US dollars (about Rp. 2.9 million) per month.

With this illegal act, Chicken Drumstick managed to collect a profit of 76.6 million US dollars or around Rp. 1.1 trillion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,572).

Based on local media reports, the Chinese Police team has arrested 10 people who have been named as suspects. His party also destroyed 17 species cheat during the capture process.

BBC/Jiangsu TV The Chinese Police Team is currently arresting a Chicken Drumstick cheating syndicate located in the city of Kunshan, China.

Collected KompasTekno from the BBC on Sunday (4/4/2021), the Chinese Police team also seized assets worth 46 million US dollars (around Rp. 670 million) along with a number of luxury vehicles.

The arrest of Chicken Drumstick is considered to be proof of Tencent’s seriousness in curbing the spread cheat. The reason is, this company from China admitted that it was often disadvantaged by the number of people cheater milling about in some of the games he makes, including PUBG.

In the middle of the past, Tencent was reported to have permanently blocked more than 1.1 million players PUBG Mobile which is found to use cheat.

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In 2018, a total of 141 Chinese players were arrested for making, selling and using cheat dangerous when playing the Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) game.

They were arrested because in addition to cheating, these hackers inserted a dangerous virus that could steal other users’ data in the cheat software.


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