Biggest polio threat in US in a long time

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Delays in vaccinating children against polio due to COVID-19 and suspicion of vaccinations in general have led to the greatest threat of a polio outbreak in the United States in a long time.


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No case of polio has been reported in the United States in the past decade, but this week the virus was discovered in samples of sewage water in New York City. Three weeks ago, a case had already been discovered in Rockland County, also in New York state.

Now health experts in California are also expressing concern. The state wants to start monitoring sewage, because there is a lot of tourism between New York and California and travelers can be contagious without showing symptoms.

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The virus may also be on the rise worldwide. Cases have already been reported in the Jerusalem region and the virus has also been found in London’s sewage water.

Polio causes paralysis and there is no cure. The disease can only be prevented through vaccination. In Belgium it is mandatory, in many other parts of the world it is not.

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