biggboss malayalam season 3: ‘She finally hugged me and lay on my lap’; Dimple exploded, comment that this day belongs to Dimple! – dimpal bhal talks an emotional lifestory of her soul mate


  • She left on November 23, 2000.
  • Dimple’s revelation was about Juliet, a schoolmate in Kattappana.

-Each contestant now speaks openly about life experiences that have made their eyes water. In this session which is held as part of the task given by Bigboss. The session, which relates such events in life in connection with the task given by Big Boss, is much loved by everyone. Today’s Dimple’s open speech literally caught the eyes of the audience. Dimple tells the story of a best friend he lost as a child. Dimple’s revelation was about Juliet, a classmate at a school in Kattappana. Below is a summary of what Dimple said.

‘We went to school together. There was a coffin shop next to the road from the school to the bus stand. When he saw it that day, he would joke, ‘It belongs to you, it belongs to me.’ As a kid, I never thought about the wrongs in saying that, so I did it. I had more than two rupees in my hand that day. So we had to go by bus and wanted to go by jeep, so we got into the jeep. We could not stop laughing. We kept laughing at the joke I mentioned earlier.

We both realized that our sister who was sitting next to us was having a hard time seeing our non-stop laughter. After a while, Juliet had a severe headache, and she finally listened. I was afraid I might get into a fight because I was screaming inside the jeep, but it didn’t happen. The guys in the jeep knew her. She did not say anything. She asked him to hug her on the way to the hospital. After that he lay on her lap and closed his eyes. I had no idea what was going on then. She’s gone, and then she realizes she’s dead. ‘

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Her family did not leave her home after her death, saying that her spirit would be with me. She said the reason was that her spirit would gather with her. So he was able to go there after 20 years. He went to her house with his mother of his own free will. That’s when she realized she was her best friend. When she left school, her mother told her that she had a hundred words to say about him. ‘

‘Only then did she realize that she was her best friend. Twenty years later, her mother still wanted to know what Juliet had finally said. The mother had asked for it when she was contacted on the phone shortly after her death. The last thing she asked was to hug him. But even though he could lie for his mother’s happiness, at that age he told the truth in the name of innocence. Dimple says he probably wouldn’t have said that now. “I have never had such a friend in my life,” Dimple said.

The tattoo on her arm is her date of birth. She left on November 23, 2000, and now she doesn’t feel comfortable even if someone hugs her. Because her hug is still in her body. Dimple said in a loud voice.

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