Big turnover. The volleyball players of České Budějovice are celebrating for the first time in the finals of the extra league

Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK

For the first time since the beginning of the match in the final series, the České Budějovice coach René Dvořák deployed the experienced universal Filip Rejlek, who paid off with a great performance and 33 points. “He proved his art, but this belongs to the whole team,” coach Dvořák told Czech Television.

“We had a chance, they didn’t use it and Budějovice started to be more compact,” stated after the first home extra-league defeat of the season, the coach of Karlovy Vary Jiří Novák and added to the performance of his team: ” and joy. “

The volleyball players of Karlovy Vary won the first final match of the extra league

The South Bohemians started the first set vigorously and led 9: 2, but as in previous matches they played timidly in the end. The home team turned away three sets and got the set. “Our strength in the head was shown as you go for the victory,” said libero Daniel Pfeffer. “There are a lot of unforced mistakes and that punishes Karlovy Vary. We have to change that,” said Rejlek, 39, who helped Karlovy Vary to the title three years ago.

Big turnover in the third set

The West Czechs also led for a long time in the third set and it seemed that nothing would stop them on their way to the title. “We are still fighting,” the players of České Budějovice encouraged and managed to escape. The third and fourth set won a more secure Jihostroj for themselves in defense.

In the decisive tie-break, the guests led from the beginning, but they almost missed the win. Karlovy Vary turned from 11:13 to 14:13 during the submission of its veteran recorder Lukáš Ticháček and had a match ball, but failed. Four ensembles of České Budějovice followed, which was vigorously deflected by the universal Patrik Indra, but at the fifth, the home team Marc Wilson was blocked.

“That’s beautiful in volleyball. We’ve been on a shovel before, but we’ve drawn hope. I hope it gives us the strength and confidence we lacked at the beginning of the series,” said Dvořák.

Play off UNIQA men’s volleyball extra league:
Final – Match 3:
Karlovy Vary – Ceske Budejovice 2: 3 (26, 23, -23, -22, -18)
Referee: Express train, Mole. Time: 146 min. Series status: 2: 1.
Reports and points:
Karlovy Vary: Vašina 11, Patočka 7, Indra 20, Wiese 16, Wilson 6, Keemink 4, libero Pfeffer – Lux 2, Ticháček 1. Coach: Jiří Novák.
Czech Budejovice: Mach 2, Rejlek 33, Zmrhal 2, Todua 8, De Amo 1, Michálek 17, libero Kryštof – Stoilovič 8, Polák, Schouten 1, Ondrovič 1. Coach: René Dvořák.


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