Big surprise in Dutch ‘The Masked Singer’: Frans Bauer stunned when dear wife Mariska appears out of a suit | TV | Showbiz

RTL Mariska Bauer in The Masked Singer Nederland
In our version of ‘The Masked Singer’ last night we had to say goodbye to Devil Andy Peelman, but there was also an episode on the program at our Northern neighbors. There the revelation of Muis was a huge surprise: none other than Mariska Bauer, the wife of Frans Bauer, was in the suit. And even the family fell completely out of the blue, according to images from the Bauers at home.

The jury members actually did not know who was in the mouse suit. Names like Patricia Paay were mentioned, but in the end it was the only ‘Maris’ who emerged from the pack. The panel almost fell back in surprise, but the big surprise continued at the Bauer family’s home. There, everyone was glued to the tube, and nobody knew that Mariska was in the suit.

Frans’s wife was able to set up a camera and film how her husband and sons reacted when she emerged. When did you do this? When …? ”, It sounds bewildered, after Frans finally finds his tongue again. And how did Mariska keep all that a secret? “If I had to rehearse, I said I was going shopping.”

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