Big school enrollment day in Düsseldorf – with speed controls

School starts today (August 11, 2022) for most I-Dötzchen. A total of a good 6,000 children will start school in Düsseldorf this year. The Düsseldorf Traffic Watch advises – if possible – to leave the parents’ taxis where they are.

“Parent taxis harm the children more than they help them,” says the Düsseldorf traffic police. It is much better if parents accompany their children on the way to school and don’t put them in the car. This is the only way the children can make their own experiences in and with road traffic. The Düsseldorf police also advise this. To ensure that this can take place as safely as possible, speeders and illegal parkers will be checked, especially in the coming weeks. After all, anyone who parks their car incorrectly also endangers children because it blocks their view of the road.

Further information and links on the subject:

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