Big scandal! Here is what the National Assembly wondered about PHOTO

Former Parliament Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva was outraged on social media. She wrote that the National Assembly had dawned with heavy metal doors installed. The former MP even likened the National Assembly to a prison.

“I never imagined that one day we would get here. The Bulgarian National Assembly dawned with heavy metal doors installed. Almost like a prison! In a sense, we had to anticipate it, because 2 years ago we warned that whoever sows gallows, coffins and measures democratically elected institutions with rotten fish, one day it will reap – a shackled parliament, threatened and bristling like a ground floor balcony from the 90s.

Democracy is defended through dialogue and democratic procedures. Never before in history have metal barriers led to calm and unification. They are both an expression and a source of anger only.

And one more thing – after the first elections last year, the majority demanded the return of the legislature to the old building. The modern, stylish and European meeting room is locked. The argument was that this is how we preserve the traditions and symbols of Bulgarian parliamentarism. So how do you explain this new symbol now? “

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