BIG PAPI – David Ortiz asks the Dominican people for patience by 2020; says the country is moving forward

The major league exastro, David Ortiz, said the Dominican Republic has been moving forward, although he admits that in the election period, which will be held next year, “things get a little difficult.”

In a message sent from the social networks of the Director General of Communications of the Presidency, Roberto Rodríguez Marchena, the “Big Papi” said that the country is progressing and that it hopes that in 2020 people will remain positive.

“It is a year to choose a new president, and I have noticed that in the elections things get a little difficult, but we are moving forward and we are making progress and I hope people stay positive because this is a country blessed by God” said the ex-driver who was shot last June at a fun center in the Ozama widening.

He also wished happy Easter to the Dominican people and hopes that next year will be a good one and one of progress.

“Happy Easter, I hope that the coming year will be a very good year, a year of progress and that everyone has patience,” he concluded.

David Ortiz visited the President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, on Monday morning to catch up on the latest developments in the country.

“I had a little time that I didn’t come to visit him; I came to punch card as we say. The boss has a special affection and I always like to come to comment and know how things continue in the country that apparently are going very well, ”said the Boston Red Sox ex-driver.

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