Big Kong reveals the domestic sports festival moving forward Wait and see the COVID-19 situation.

Big Kong Dr. Kong Sak Yodmanee, Governor of SAT Revealed 4 major sports events in the country, still adhering to the original plan, no postponement or cancellation But must watch for the outbreak of COVID-19

Dr. Biggong, Dr. Kong Sak Yodmanee, Governor of Sports of Thailand (SAT), revealed that at this time, SAT is monitoring the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic The new waves that spread and spread are spreading closely across several provinces of Thailand. To assess the risk For making adjustments to plans Give advice on work Including organizing activities Or manage various sports competitions Placed

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The Governor of SAT said that From a new wave of outbreaks As a result, the competition at the sporting event of SAT In many tournaments it has been postponed several times and then many times. Like in the past National sporting events District qualifying round To find the endurance athletes in different provinces in different regions To compete in the final round Was postponed to the competition first For the safety of athletes, officials, referees and their dependents Which must be accepted if unable to complete all regional qualifying rounds Will affect the 47th National Sports Competition that Sisaket Province hosted during 5-15 June ’64.

“For example, the 47th National Sports Selection and the 37th National Handicapped Sports Region 1 at Prachinburi. Originally held in mid-Jan. 64, the host of Prachinburi Province announced it was postponed. Here we have to look at the COVID-19 situation. Close again Whether there will be a better trend or not Which, if better Of course, the way SAT. Will set and knock the clear match day as soon as possible Therefore, athletes from various provinces In the meantime, practice and prepare for the next tournament that might take place. ”

Governor of SAT. It was revealed that in terms of the 4 main competitions which are domestic sports events under the supervision of SAT. The 36th National Youth Sports at Trat Province between 18-28 April 64, the 3rd National Senior Sports between 5-11 May 64 at Trat, National Sports The 47th time between 5-15 Jun ’64 at Sisaket and the 37th National Handicapped Sport during 7-11 Jul ’64 will still be held as scheduled Concerns about COVID-19 That many parties are concerned about It takes into account this and safety as well. Which opportunity to postpone or not postpone or not? Will consider and examine the epidemic situation of COVID-19. Especially in the period before the competition of that program Consisting of Which hopefully the situation will not be dire For the opportunity for athletes to have matches on the field to develop themselves


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