Big Doers Are Back! Apple ‘Fully’ Takes Back Twitter Advertising, Musk Tweeted Thank You

(Original title: The great benefactors are back one after another! Apple has “completely” resumed advertising on Twitter, Musk posted a thank you)

December 4 Financial Associated Press News (Edited by Bian Chun)Tesla CEO Elon Musk said a few days ago that Apple has “completely taken over” advertising on Twitter. This further eased an ongoing war between two of the world’s most powerful tech companies.

Musk made the remarks during a Twitter Spaces chat on Saturday, adding that Apple is Twitter’s biggest advertiser. The billionaire held a voice chat for more than two hours on his private jet, reaching more than 90,000 listeners.

Musk lashed out at Apple last week, accusing it of everything but stopping advertising on Twitter and saying Apple threatened to remove Twitter from its app store.

Following a flurry of attacks on Apple, Musk met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and later said the two had a “good conversation” about Twitter’s potential removal from the App Store, in fact there’s a ” misunderstanding”. Musk said Cook was “clearly aware that Apple has never considered doing this.”

It is reported that Apple spends more than $100 million on Twitter advertising every year. Furthermore, the Apple App Store is also one of the main ways for users to download Twitter. Therefore, it is especially important that Twitter maintain a good relationship with Apple.

Also, according to a reporter from well-known tech media Platformer tweeted on Saturday,Amazon also plans to resume advertising on Twitter, which costs about $100 million a year

Musk also tweeted on Saturday thanking advertisers for their return to Twitter.

Since Musk bought Twitter, a number of companies including General Mills and Pfizer have suspended Twitter advertising due to uncertainty about whether the platform will overhaul its policies against hate speech and misinformation.

Twitter’s ad revenue has plummeted as advertisers flee. Advertising revenue is the cornerstone of Twitter’s revenue. To retain advertisers, Twitter last week offered the most generous advertiser incentives in history. If a brand spends a certain amount of money on advertising, it will receive additional exposure opportunities.

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