Big changes at Bendig after the Exchange. He and his partner welcomed the addition to the family

Wednesday’s Wife Exchange introduced viewers to another celebrity’s home. Jan Bendig, on the other hand, went to Žatec as the surrogate wife of a Roma family. He caused a big stir there, because that’s where he has a big fan base. How does Bendig and his friend remember the Exchange and who did their family grow up with?

Singer Honza Bendig and his partner Lukáš tried out what it’s like to switch partners and a household with a foreign family for ten days. Their neighbor and friend Monika Bagárová convinced them to take part in the Exchange. “We don’t regret it. It’s been my dream since I was a child,” says Bendig.

It is said that Lukáš would have tried the Exchange again. “I enjoyed it, it was fun, informative, and you realized a lot.” Lukáš recalls. Honza agrees and says that the experience was unforgettable, but he would not go into it.

Honza has a large fan base in Žatec. “I respect every fan, so it was lucky for me. We had a madhouse under the windows, it bothered me a little. We couldn’t even ventilate,” says the singer with a smile and exaggeration.

But even this couple found something in the Exchange that he did not know about the other. Lukáš once managed to pack Honza for a well-cooked dinner. But Lukáš admitted in the Exchange that he had ordered it at the time and soiled the pots to make it look like he was cooking himself. “I stared at him like crazy. You won’t confess to me and you’ll say it in Exchange,” Bendig laughs.

In Exchange, the couple openly admitted that they would like a baby. “It’s such a biggest dream and I still hope that we will succeed. But in the near future I would like to arrange everything around us. We would like to take someone from the children’s home, for example. But now we have a fourth dog, so it’s growing in this family now. “ they both say, in Exchange they had only three dogs.

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