Big change on some phones. The company has come up with new features

Apple has introduced new software that will offer users a number of new features. One of them is, for example, deleting sent messages. IPhone fans can expect the convenience at the end of the year.

Apple has announced changes to the iOS operating system. According to Apple portal the company will introduce the iOS 16 series at the end of this year. Lots of new features are waiting for users.

“I am confident that our products and innovative platforms will inspire developers to do what they can,” said Tim Cook CEO.

One of the novelties is the redesigned lock screen. According to Apple, it has undergone the biggest renewal in its history, as it looks and works completely differently than users were used to. It will be possible to win with font styles, widgets and overall personalization, thanks to a variety of notification indicators.

Users will now also be able to delete sent iMessage text messages. You will even be able to edit messages after sending and mark individual conversations as unread.

The same function has already been introduced by the social networks Instagram and Messenger, where the user can choose after sending the message whether he wants to delete the message only for himself or for all recipients.

Deleting messages

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